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MODULE — Disruptive Blockchain – CryptoBLOG

MODULE — Disruptive Blockchain

MODULE — Disruptive Blockchain
MODULE is a blockchain-based platform designed to utilize the free storage of smartphones, PCs, servers, etc. as an asset. Using the MODULE platform, one will be able to participate in mining even from a smartphone. Servers and enterprises can also participate in mining.

Module’s consensus (mining) algorithm makes it possible to earn rewards by lending out storage space. As the storage capacity of devices progresses and expands, one can expect the various services offered to expand. In addition to issuing new original coins, users will also be able to develop Dapps (decentralized applications) on the platform.

MODULE employs a new transaction approval algorithm. It is a new technology platform that enables everyone to participate in mining, even from a mobile device. In addition to building DApps, users will also have the ability to issue new currencies on the platform.

We focused on mobile devices as a way to solve problems such as the power consumption concerns caused by cryptocurrencies and their centralization. The Module project announces the future of mining with such energy-efficient and easy to use devices such as smartphones and tablets. By releasing the capacity of your device, you will be able to earn rewards, which will vary depending on the capacity of free storage, utilization time, space and transaction type. In other words, lending of storage space will make you eligible for compensation. The platform also has great potential as a platform that can provide other distributed application services.

Although the popularity of cryptocurrencies hasrisen, there are still very few chances to use them in real life. Bitcoins can be used at some shops, etc., but the required infrastructure is still under development. We want to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

The MODULE developers have devised a new algorithm. The team is developing a system under which compensation is determined based on three elements of storage: space-timetransaction. This will enable users to participate in mining from mobile devices such as smartphones.

In our future, not only people living in developed countries will have the opportunity to participate in mining. We hope to have many people holding smartphones in underdeveloped countries acting as miners and receiving rewards. For many people in developed countries, mining that brings in only one dollar a day may be meaningless, but we believe that this can drastically change the life of people in poorer countries.

About the utility token

Token allocation


May 2018 Management of the token sale

Participation in Consensus 2018

Start of Module platform development

Start of MODL App development

July 16, 2018 Start of presale
July 31, 2018 End of presale
August 1, 2018 Start of ICO
September 30, 2018 End of ICO
September 2018 Listing on exchange

Start of development of the Secret

Sharing service

October 2018 Building of mining server

Testing of MODL App beta version

November 2018 Testing of Module platform
December 2018 Start of Module platform operation

Distribution of MODL App beta version

January 2019 MODL App in Google Play and App Store

MODULE App — data storage service

MODULE is suitable for storage of sensitive information because its distributed storage keeps data in fragments in many different places. It can be used to store information that should be kept secret from others.

In particular, by storing information in a distributed store like MODULE, one can enhance information security through “secret sharing”. In other words, if sensitive information is divided into fragmentary pieces of information and stored in separate places, information cannot be reproduced with only one fragment, but if several pieces are gathered, the information can be reproduced. This Secret Sharing method will be used in blockchain, and to build secure cloud storage for the safe storage of sensitive information.

The technique for concealing documents recorded in blockchain through the management of secret sharing keys has already been developed. One obstacle to utilizing blockchain to handle sensitive information was the fact that information on blockchain must be disclosed to the entire community of users. However, by combining blockchain technology and secret sharing, one can expect higher security and convenience. In this way blockchain can be used in various fields such as finance, distribution, in the supply chain, official document management, etc.


Website: https://modltoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://modltoken.io/doc/whitepaper_en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moduleproject/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MODULE_Project
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4566364.0
: https://t.me/module_project

Authored By: nelli55
my bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1287806


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