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ANATOMY OF THE PLATFORM WPP’s Global Green Energy Blockchain Platform consists of an eco-system of five or more major elements:

  1.  Renewable energy global supply grid and accompanying marketplace where green electricity supply is bought and sold between producers/suppliers and end buyers by using WPP Tokens, that are smart contract enabled to represent an underlying asset, namely an energy supply contract that is ready to be agreed to and purchased outright or with fractional ownership in some cases. The contract can also be resold on the platform if the original buyer decides to do so. As the transaction facilitator WPP will offer 2 financial settlement options to the end energy supplier: Fiat currency or WPP Tokens, with WPP Tokens carrying additional incentives over fiat to encourage cryptocurrency adoption within the green electricity supply industry.
  2. Physical goods marketplace where renewable energy products of all sizes, all quantities and all commercial value ranges are bought and sold globally between manufacturers/suppliers/distributors and end buyers of all types. WPP Energy’s own products will also be listed for sale. All suppliers will be provided a robust set of tools to upload their inventories and buyers will also have tools to quickly locate items of their interest. This will be a B2B, B2C, C2C, P2P global marketplace focused on providing wide range renewable energy products, including recent inventions in green energy technology, from innovators looking for ready early adopter customers. Fiat, Credit Cards and WPP Tokens are the accepted payment methods in this marketplace.
      1. Green Energy Rebate Program. WPP Tokens paid out as a rewards system to promote conducting green energy transactions on the Global Green Energy Platform.
      2. WPP ERC20 Wallet and Mobile App. WPP Token rewards earned from the Green Energy Rebate Program will be sent to a users WPP Wallet which can then be loaded into app and spent goods and services on the Global Green Energy Platform Marketplaces or on a separate “rewards marketplace” which will follow with a wide range of products available from various participating companies also willing to reward users for “Going Green”.
  3. A Trust, Reputation and Feedback system all managed on the blockchain to underpin elements 1 and 2 above. This will help create the necessary confidence for parties to transact with one another.
  4. Cryptocurrency Exchange feature that will convert fiat currency, credit cards and crytpocurrencies into WPP Tokens, the primary transactional currency of the Global Green Energy Platform. The Crypto Exchange will also evolve after launch to include the electronic trading of carbon credits, a financial incentive to curb emissions.
  5. Potential future initiative: a separate crowd funding market where green energy innovators are provided a venue to engage the WPP member userbase to source their need for external investment to launch or scale up a promising green energy initiative.

The following is an outline of the renewable energy supply grid and the development of the accompanying P2P decentralized global green energy supply marketplace along with a distributed storage system for data collection from the participating energy producers for safe secure and easy energy transaction at a wholesale rate to the energy suppliers anywhere, anytime.

Use of Smart Contracts through WPP Token on a distributed storage system on a permissioned

ledger will help avoid any attempted disruption or blocking of what will be energy industry changing transaction methods and increased market pressure to lower costs based on the exposure of much lower prices offered in the Global Green Energy Platform Marketplace. WPP will be using a permission based blockchain model to avoid mining and to ensure we are not adding to the present and growing energy crisis caused by crypto mining.

The project will be an intuitive user friendly cross platform web and mobile application which will allow the energy buyers and energy sellers to connect and do the energy transaction below the wholesale price bypassing the utility companies.


  1. As the essential gateway to the Global Green Energy Platform as those participating in the Global Green Energy Platform (P2P, B2B and B2C renewable energy marketplace of suppliers electricity and electricity generating hardware) must transact in WPP Tokens. Users wishing to transact in the Global Green Energy Platform who do not already have WPP tokens can enter the Exchange Platform and convert their fiat currency or various crypto currencies will be accepted for trading into WPP Tokens and then users will be free to transact on the Global Green Energy Platform.

  2. As a stand along exchange platform with a focus on promoting the crypto-to-crypto trading of energy and crypto mining cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. This will result in increased liquidity for all participating cryptocurrencies by allowing the various currencies to trade against one another.


  1. Make cash rebates on everyday purchases of products and services;

  2. Go Green and support the solution for less pollution

  3. potentially make even more money from choosing Tokens for the rebate as this will give them all the benefits of owning the WPP Energy Token.

Members will have the opportunity to enter the WPP TOKEN market without any risk or investment. WPP intends to expand its Free Membership rapidly through partnerships with leading Corporations supporting Going Green efforts as WPP seeks to become the world’s largest Green Energy Rebate Program.

Initially, WPP intends to apply the rebate program to Physical and Digital Green Energy solutions, including the Global Green Energy Platform and all of its members.

WPP intends to build the world’s largest Green Energy Rebate Program in its quest to provide Green Energy solutions throughout the world and significantly lower the Carbon footprint and pollution and an innovative incentive to “Go Green”.


Introducing the WPP ENERGY HHO MOBILE POWER STATION which is housed inside a sealed heavy duty 40 foot Container. This is a turnkey HHO power plant that will produce between 1MW and 5.8MW (estimate only, still under development) of electricity per hour as a stand alone independent solution requiring an input of a regular water line hook-up. The innovative technology converts water into HHO mixed with a safe environmental application to enough clean electricity to power a community of up to 150,000+ homes. The solution is scalable with more hardware added.

The cost of power produced by the WPP MOBILE POWER STATION is a fraction of traditional power sources. It can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. The ease of transport by air, by rail, by sea, by truck or by heavy duty helicopter means that areas in the world that are not power serviced or that are under-serviced will have a viable and immediate power source.


The massive energy crisis caused by cryptocurrency mining has created a huge market opportunity for WPP. The amount of energy consumed by Bitcoin and Ethereum exploded within seven years from virtually zero in 2010 to 19.2TWh in 2017. We will deploy our HHO Mobile Power Station globally to establish us as the world’s preferred power supply source for cryptocurrency miners.

WPP’S mobile power station is packaged in a 40’ sea container that can be delivered to the doorstep of mining operations. Power demand projections from cryptocurrency mining will fuel exponential demand for WPP’s clean affordable energy solutions, reducing mining costs to a fraction of what they currently are now and with a zero carbon footprint. Cryptocurrency miners will have the option to lease of buy the WPP Mobile Power Station.

The exponential growth of cryptocurrencies has led to a dramatic increase in the sector’s energy consumption and a concentration of mining activities in countries with low social and environmental standards – where electricity is produced using predominantly fossil fuels. Even worse, the concentration of mining power in the hands of only a couple of large corporations is distorting the formerly democratic decision-making process in these networks.


The primary product of combustion in WPP HHO Power Plant Conversion Solution is pure, virgin water, used directly in powering the turbine. In a typical Rankine Cycle Power Plant, the combustion of hydrogen-oxygen fuel-mix adds approximately 20% of the total water flow to the system on each pass.


WPP will perform the conversion and maintain the technology via service contract in exchange as part of joint venture agreements with converted Power Plants. WPP’s advanced proprietary private technology and scientific processes are not for sale and not for lease.

Each WPP HHO Conversion Container will be remotely connected to the WPP database center for performance monitoring, maintenance for trouble shooting. Energy production data will also be transmitted back to WPP Green Energy Platform (to be released Jan 2019), so any surplus energy may potentially be sold to ready buyers lookng for wholesale supply.



Pre ITO Sale Price: $0.20

Pre ITO Sale Terms: Flat rate pricing of $0.20 per WPP Token that does not change over the 62 days, commencing July 15th and ending 62 days later on September 15th.

The minimum purchase is 0.5 ETH. A special incentive of 10% bonus tokens is offered in the first 3 days of the PreSale. The Pre Sale softcap is 5m WPP TOKENS and the hardcap is $50m USD.

The purpose of the Pre ITO sale is to commence development of the two digital blockchain platforms and to launch the Green Energy Rebate program. WPP Energy believes that our cryptocurrency initiative should be self funding.

The ITO Crowdsale will start on September 20th, 2018 and end December 20th. Project capital will be raised on a larger scale to accelerate deployment of our 3 physical HHO energy solutions around the world and to invest in our government projects business and also build out our two digital platforms.


Website: https://wppenergy.io//
Whitepaper: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin
Telegram: https://t.me/WPPEnergy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0

Authored By: Plutos
my bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1117654


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